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многие не понимают разницу между BDSM и насилием, особенно в фиках.

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What's your opinion on Faith? Why do you think she acted the way she did in s3?

Oh, dangerous question, I could write entire essays about Faith’s character and what motivated her actions.

I think Faith’s issues initially stemmed from the reception she received when arriving in Sunnydale. Faith has led a very solitary life; we know her mother was an alcoholic who paraded men through their home and possibly beat her daughter. I firmly believe (although it’s not canon) that Faith was also sexually abused as a child/teenager. She is used to living a life with no love, no affection and no real bonds. Her Watcher was probably the first person to show her kindness and the murder of her Watcher has deeply affected Faith. When she arrives in Sunnydale, she is searching for family. She wants to be close to Buffy, to Buffy’s friends and Buffy’s Watcher. She wants somewhere to belong, somewhere to call home.

Unfortunately Buffy’s attitude sets Faith back. She was not prepared for dislike or disdain. Faith assumed that being the Slayers would bond her and Buffy and she wanted Buffy’s love and approval more than she would admit. When she didn’t receive it she was deeply hurt and became bitter and jaded. As the season progresses and the Scoobies continually leave her out of the loop and refuse to include her, this hurt and bitterness grows, culminating in her attitude/apparent lack of remorse when she accidentally kills the Mayor’s assistance. Wes trying to lock her up like an animal is the final straw; she decides then and there that she cannot trust these people, will never be accepted by them and that she might as well not even try. So she goes to the Mayor, initially because she feels that being on the side of “good” is not getting her anywhere, so she might as well go to the other side. After all, if the “heroes” refuse to accept her, where else can she turn?

Ironically, the Mayor finally gives Faith what she has been craving her entire life - family. He accepts her for who she is and loves her for it. He becomes her father figure, someone who will genuinely love her and take care of her, someone with whom she doesn’t have to pretend and can entirely be herself (dark side and all). The more love the Mayor gives her, the more she turns on the Scoobies; in her mind they become the enemy, the ones to take down. She has been so deeply rejected by them that she has to think of them this way, as a release for her anger.

All this being said, none of what Faith went through is an excuse for what she did and the crimes she committed, both against the Scoobies and against civilians. It gives a reason for her actions but at the end of the day, Faith made a conscious choice to join the Mayor. She was not forced into this decision nor coerced, she freely chose to become “evil” and she spends the rest of her arc trying to find redemption for her past crimes.


один из лучших сериалов ever.

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Риззоли и Айлс

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  • Maura knows Jane’s “tell” when not even Frost and Korsak know.
  • Angela suggested marriage counseling for Jane and Maura but straight up told Jane she doesn’t like what she’s doing with Casey.
  • Angela views Maura as a daughter already when she doesn’t even call Casey by his preferred name.
  • Jane feels safer and is only able to sleep when Maura is the one watching over her when psycho killers from her past are haunting her even when Maura had no self defense training or couldn’t even shoot a gun.
  • Jane would let Paddy or any other criminal kill someone that was after Maura.
  • Maura was the only one that could get Jane out of her apartment after she was shot. Not even Angela or Jane’s brothers could do it.
  • On screen, Jane and Maura have had more sleepovers than Jane and Casey have had sex.
  • Jane has killed to save and protect Maura.
  • Charles Hoyt was interested in going after couples and threatened to go after Jane and Maura together,
  • Maura has stared down Jane’s greatest demon and told him she wasn’t afraid of him even though she was aware of what he was capable of.
  • Maura and Jane have claimed to not like hugs but have constantly hugged each other.
  • Maura is the only person that can get Jane to stop drinking coffee for a day and eat kale.
  • Angela and Maura both have a key to Jane’s apartment but Jane only yells at Angela when they both use them for non-emergencies.
  • Jane is the only person that knows when Maura is uncomfortable just by the way she spews seemingly random facts. And she knows exactly what to do to make Maura feel comfortable again.
  • Jane’s mother lives in Maura’s guesthouse for free.
  • Jane has stood up to Constance and Hope on Maura’s behalf.
  • Paddy asked Jane to take care of Maura.
  • Jane told Tommy to put his hands where she could see them when he hugged Maura.
  • Jane has mentioned to Maura she gets a bikini wax and has a vibrator.
  • Maura has a guestroom we’ve seen Jane come out of Maura’s room after a sleepover.
  • When Cailin asked Maura if she could stay with her she said “I knew you guys would understand” which implies she assumed Jane would be at Maura’s house when she got there and that Jane would care why she needed to stay the need.
  • Jane threatened a cell full of inmates that she would kill them if they touched Maura again. Jane is a cop. Jane technically can’t do that.
  • When Paddy went on trial and Hope stopped by, Maura texted her about it but she didn’t tell her that she needed her. Jane went anyway.
  • When Jane was busy on a case, she sent Frankie to do some of the work claiming she was “really busy” but when Maura texted her from the Morgue that she needed her, Jane went immediately.
  • No one else was able to identify the replica of Jane’s bedroom when she was kidnapped but Maura.
  • Jane has revealed her deepest secrets to Maura (I.E. what she wanted to wear to her wedding) when she can’t even tell Casey she really loves her job.
  • Despite Maura alienating Jane from her life after she shot Paddy, Jane still wouldn’t leave her.
  • Jane listens to Maura.
  • After Dennis tried to kill her, Angela asked if there was anything she could do and Maura said no. But Jane brought her a cup of tea(?) and rubbed her thigh and made her laugh.
  • Maura lets Jane borrow her car and when Jane spills coffee all over it Maura pays for the damages herself.
  • Jane has beer at Maura’s house. She spends that much time there.
  • Jane wouldn’t let Maura play on her softball team so Maura got her own team and beat Jane then bought her beer as a consolation.
  • Maura has Jane doing yoga.
  • Jane went to Maura’s place of comfort in her office when she was having a bad day.
  • Jane called Maura over late at night after finding out about Casey’s surgery.
  • Without being told to, Maura went to wait for Jane on her steps and held her when she cried.
  • Maura drinks beer now.
  • Ever since Maura told Angela she’s used to being alone, she hasn’t been alone since. Either Jane or Angela both have been with her when she’s upset.
  • Maura is only able to lie for Jane.
  • Jane knows Maura’s tell. Which is when she shops.
  • Jane remembers being with Maura when she bought a dress three years ago.
  • Maura left a dying Frankie on her slab just to go after Marino when he took Jane.
  • Maura and Jane are willing to go to jail for each other.
  • Maura and Jane are willing to die for each other.



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космос матчасть

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Юнкор "Вечерки" побывал на лекции космонавта Сергея Волкова и узнал, чем пахнет космос, почему не стоит смотреть на Землю с орбиты, а также чем так страшна тишина на МКС.

Все ли в космосе легко?
Да, в невесомости действительно все предметы становятся в разы легче относительно своего земного веса. Однако тут ключевое слово - "все". То есть человек - тоже. Не верьте распространенному мифу, что в космосе никому не стоит труда сдвинуть с места несколько тон груза. Дело в том, что если несколько тонн превращаются в несколько килограммов, то что же останется от 70-90 кг самого космонавта? Граммы! Таким образом, если нам в космосе вздумается столкнуть с места тяжелый предмет, например аккумулятор, вместо того, чтобы это сделать, мы сами отлетим от него, точно бильярдный шар.
Чтобы добиться желаемого результата, надо плавно и осторожно разгонять тяжелый предмет и тогда, по инерции, которая в космосе очень велика, он будет двигаться в нужном вам направлении.
Можно ли смотреть на Землю?
Когда космонавт первый раз выходит в открытый космос, ему строго-настрого запрещается смотреть на Землю. Обычно время выхода рассчитывается так, чтобы наша планета была спрятана по другую сторону космической станции.
Почему? Ответ на удивление простой. Дело в том, что космонавт может испугаться… высоты! Сами посудите - если человек пугается, смотря на землю с десятого этажа, то какой будет эффект, если он взглянет на нее с высоты трех с лишним сотен километров!
Несмотря на запреты, русские космонавты никогда не боялись смотреть на землю. Ведь соблазн так велик, а наша планета с высоты МКС - действительно завораживающее зрелище.
Есть ли на орбите привидения?
Пока никто не обнаружил. Но там, на орбите, и без всяких привидений хватает различных фокусов с летающими объектами. И причем они не обязательно неопознанные. Это могут быть твоя ложка, чай или зубная щетка. Однажды на МКС привезли новые инструменты, которые были упакованы в специальную блестящую защитную пленку. Упаковка была настолько крепкой, что пришлось ее резать ножами. Мелкие частички серебряной пленки разлетелись по всей МКС и еще около недели парили в пространстве, как странная туманность. Иногда они собирались в сгустки, образуя "звезды", иногда превращались в млечный путь.
Зрелище хоть и не из повседневных, но все равно имеет нормальное рациональное объяснение!
Физкультура без ограничений?
В космосе мышцы, как известно, атрофируются за ненадобностью. На станции для поддержания хорошей формы, всегда имеется много тренажеров. Американцы даже создали аппарат, который позволяет заниматься тяжелой атлетикой в состоянии невесомости.
С помощью этих тренажеров можно поддерживать свое тело в совершенно нормальном состоянии, однако даже тут переусердствовать не стоит.
Был у нас такой случай. На станции один космонавт усердно занимался на тренажерах и раскачался до такой степени, что не смог влезть в ложемент. Ему возвращаться, а он не помещается. Дело в том, что каждый ложемент (сиденье кресла для лётчика и космонавта, имеющее определённую форму) уникален и его отливают специально по форме тела каждого космонавта. Разумеется, американец со своими мышцами не смог в него поместиться. Пришлось пилить ложемент, что делать категорически запрещено. Но другого выхода не было, ведь речь шла не о каких-нибудь шутках, а о возвращении на Землю! Одним словом, переусердствовать не стоит нигде.
Чем пахнет космос?
В космосе нет кислорода и потому запах там распространятся не может. Однако, на самой станции воздуха достаточно и нос исправно выполняет свою функцию.
Запах есть. Но для каждого он свой. Когда я первый летел на МКС, мне говорили, мол ты не выдержишь и дня в этой вони приборов и обивки. Лично для меня запах космоса довольно позитивный.
Когда я первый раз очутился на космической станции, почувствовал нормальный и совершенно обычный запах земных зеленых яблок. Я удивился, но как оказалось, мой нос меня не подвел. Дело в том, что перед самой стыковкой, прилетел грузовик и привез с земли партию свежих плодов.
Почему космонавты боятся тишины?
Однажды у американцев, готовящихся улететь в космос, спросили, что они собираются там сделать. Они ответили, что хотят записать на орбите абсолютную тишину.
На самом деле, сказано это было лишь для красного словца, так как фактически выполнить эту задачу они не могли. Дело в том, что на станции совсем не тишина. Постоянно работают различные приборы и громко шумят около десятка мощных вентиляторов, гоняющих воздух, чтобы он не застаивался.
Кроме того, что тишины на орбите нет, космонавты ужасно бояться ее услышать. Дело в том, что тишина на МКС наступает только в одном случае. В случае пожара. Все вентиляторы прекращают работу, и воцаряется полное молчание. А пожар на станции - это действительно страшно. Вот все и боятся.
Есть ли на орбите Интернет?
Конечно, есть! Прогресс дошел до того, что все космонавты могут выходить в сеть с компьютеров МКС, чтобы написать в соцсетях семье или узнать погоду на Земле. Когда на станции проводишь больше полугода, связь с землянами просто необходима. У членов экипажа есть возможность заказать с земли музыку или фильмы, чтобы насладиться воспоминаниями о доме.
Почему в космосе не стоит делать резких движений?
Очень часто на МКС случаются ситуации, когда нужный тебе предмет куда-нибудь улетает. Это может быть ручка или книга, но что действительно страшно - это если улетает еда. Во-первых, жидкость может попасть на оборудование и проводку, повредив ее или вызвав замыкание. Во-вторых, кусочки еды оставляют грязные пятна, если соприкасаются с одеждой космонавтов. В космосе всегда так бывает, кто-то надел чистую футболку и за столом обязательно что-нибудь улетит прямо на его одежду.
Одним словом, когда улетает еда - дело это неприятное. Поэтому все стараются как можно быстрее ее поймать.
Однако, вопреки привычке, ни в коем случае нельзя ловить что-либо резким движением руки, как на земле мы ловим надоедающую муху. Дело в том, что если резко выкинуть руку в сторону, велика вероятность заработать вывих плеча, как легкий, так и серьезный.
Поэтому, чтобы избежать травм, в космосе нужно делать все медленно и не спеша. Если из-под носа вдруг ускользнул кусок еды, спокойно вылетаем из-за стола, отталкиваемся, догоняем его, съедаем и возвращаемся к товарищам, чтобы продолжить трапезу.

Сергей Волков родился 1 апреля 1973 года в Харьковской области Украины. Его отец Александр также был космонавтом - таким образом, Сергей Волков - первый в мире космонавт во втором поколении.
Выучился на летчика, освоив пять разных самолетов, имеет общий налет свыше 500 часов. Впоследствии прошел подготовку на космонавта, был дублером первого бразильского космонавта Маркоса Понтеса, а в 2008 году сам отправился на МКС в качестве командира 17-й экспедиции. За полгода на орбите дважды выходил в открытый космос, где провел более 12 часов.
Примечательно, что Волков был самым молодым космонавтом, возглавившим экспедицию на космическую станцию. В составе его экспедиции также дебютировала астронавт из Южной Кореи - Ли Со Ён.
В 2011 году Волков еще дважды летал на МКС.
Имеет звание полковника, а также Героя России и Летчика-космонавта РФ.
Подробнее: www.vmdaily.ru/news/2013/02/26/kosmonavt-sergej...

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Спок & Ухура

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a few other things i’d like to point out about spock and uhura’s relationship while i’m on a roll of posting opinions:

for one thing, when people say she’s been “reduced to a romantic interest,” they seem to forget that most of Uhura’s time and dialogue in both reboot films is usually:

intercepting important transmissions, translating languages that no other officer on the starship can translate, interacting with Klingons in a highly dangerous situation and not being afraid to talk to them, adding her opinions on board the ship about the fate of the ship.

i think one of the writers, orci, if i remember, talked about how people had accused him of putting in uhura just as a romantic interest. (he was the main person behind their relationship in the reboot)

and he said it wasn’t that way at all, because most of her time on screen was her opinions being valued as an independent character and i see that as quite true.

also i am frustrated because some people think that uhura somehow degraded just because she has a romantic relationship with Spock? the fact that female characters have to be written in a CERTAIN way i think is a problem with a lot of the feminist dialogue about fictional characters on tumblr lately.

the fact that women ALWAYS need to be strong and indpendent and can’t show weakness puts just as many unrealistic expectations on female characters because it makes them one-dimensional in a different way.

I’ve also heard people say that she is being used to make spock “more human” and i think that’s completely untrue

  • spock’s dad married a human and he was 100% vulcan
  • the fact that Spock’s character must only be interpreted in a certain way—as 100% vulcan—makes me uncomfortable because it takes away from the complexity of the character. Even in TOS, Spock showed many moments of typically “non-vulcan” behaviour.
  • Throughout the later trek movies with the original cast, Spock continues to learn more about humanity and in some ways even becomes more human, and I think people assuming that uhura was used as a sort of seductive anti-logic siren and spock couldn’t control his raging hormones is cheating both characters of their complexity.
  • spock is half human biologically and saying that it couldn’t affect him in an alternate universe is, for lack of a better word, illogical.
  • as for uhura not being professional on the enterprise when talking about romance with Spock, Orci talked about how it was his opinion that in the future starships would recognize that allowing intimate relationships might actually help the sexual health of crewmembers on a long voyage away from home….[i’m trying to find the original interview right now, i’ll add the source hopefully if i can find it…it’s in the WGA interview but so far i’ve only found excerpts on TrekMovie.com; there was a post somewhere on the spockuhuralove tumblr that had a link to the full interview that i’ll try to find; it wasn’t tagged unfortunately...heres a screencap of some of it. ]

also, in TOS, there are multiple instances of crewmembers dating and even getting married to each other on board, (officiated by kirk himself)

to say that it’s “unprofessional” of uhura is incredibly unfair, because in TOS shipboard romances weren’t considered unprofessional at all.

I agree that there isn’t a lot of backstory, and if people don’t understand their connection because they haven’t seen the backstory yet, i don’t have a problem with that, and it’s something i hope to see more of in the future as well.

but saying uhura was used as a plot device for spock’s character development is incredibly inaccurate if you look at everything in context.

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Body Language for Writers

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Доступ к записи ограничен

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Star Trek профили персонажей

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Space. The Final Frontier.

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Спок & Ухура, признание в STID

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... I assure you the truth is precisely the opposite

I feel that some people overlook the fact that THIS:
"You mistake my choice not to feel as a reflection of my not caring, while I assure you the truth is precisely the opposite"

… essentially is the closest of a declaration of love coming from a vulcan and this guy in particular. Seriously.
[For some reason it did remind me of this from one of the novels, the whole misunderstanding and her thinking he didn’t care when it was quite the opposite for him]

while we wait for the sсript, let’s talk about the version from the novelization as well:
“To even consider the idea of one’s death affecting a loved one would be so painful,” the science officer continued, “that the only logical option in that moment would be to choose to feel nothing instead. (..).”
Though he could not see Uhura, who was seated facing away from him, he looked back in her direction as he spoke. “Nyota, you misunderstand my choice not to feel at that moment as an indication of not caring, while I assure you the truth was exactly the opposite.”

[.. and when he thinks he will die in that volcano he thinks about the sense of loss and a relationship left unfinalized _-_ (and you know he was thinking about her and how he’d never get the chance to make their bond official the vulcan way; It essentially is a prologue to that speech in the ship later.) ]

That whole speech is so beautiful and real and damn painful.

She says: you didn’t care about us, you didn’t care about me and how I would feel.
He says: no, the truth is the opposite. I chose to not feel because I love you too much and I couldn’t bear the thought of losing you and the thought of how my death could affect you (and he knows how she’d feel. Oh he knows! because he felt that when his mother died and it hurts so fucking much to even think that Nyota would feel that too and for his fault)
In short: it’s not that I don’t feel, it’s that I feel too much.
and his face.. his face! the tone of his voice… it’s just too much for my poor little heart.
and maybe Kirk is right, it’s not a love song (wanna kiss him there for trying to help Spock) but it’s damn honest and effective and profound. The writers made him say that he loves her without making him cheesy or OOC*
..and her face says is all:

..because she gets it.

[*that’s the second time they do that, by the way. Remember that "in the event that I do not return please tell lieutenant Uhura.." that is basically more effective without him completing the phrase than with him actually saying it, IMO. It’s the fact that he doesn’t need to. It’s him trying to tell her, him thinking to tell her even with what it means for a vulcan, him willing to share something so personal with a guy that was still a stranger for him only because he wanted her to know. THAT is enough.]
/why was i given feels

(c) lucystillintheskywithdiamonds.tumblr.com/post/5...

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Семь свитков Ашуран