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Записи с темой: teen wolf (список заголовков)


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бесконечное множество баллов Маме Макколл и вообще всему тинвульфу за фразу:

АПД из рекапа TV.COM:

This was only a tiny moment in the show but it was very, very important not only to the series but also to the whole genre of young adult thrillers in general? Basically the gist was that in the past Scott had used his love for Allison as his anchor to keep control over his transmogrification, but now that they were broken up, how was he supposed to stay anchored? So his incredible mother told him that he can be his own anchor. Which seems so simple but that is a very sophisticated concept for a show that originally positioned itself as a Twilight descendant. Usually these serials have very soppy romances and love triangles at their core, but this scene has Teen Wolf outright demolishing that notion and therefore severing ties entirely with all its forebears. As Scott's mom told him, he will fall in love again later in life, don't worry. WHICH IS RIGHT. Teen Wolf is directly exposing the #1 lie of all teen drama, that your first love is somehow your best and only love, by saying that nope, it isn't actually. It's merely the first. Better and richer love comes later, after you've figured out who you are as a person. I really and truly loved this moment. It felt weirdly transgressive too. Anyway, yeah. Well done.
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ахахахахаха... ноуп.

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еще страшнее, имхо, официального *_*

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нет, я все же не могу больше)))

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а кто смотрел оба исходника - правда ведь в новых промо ТинВульфа отчетливый привкус AHS?))))

особенно в этих двух про Стайлза

Это хорошо *_*
Кстати в ролике, где весь класс спойлеры

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такое чувство

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Будто на вторую половину третьего сезона Teen Wolf пригласили Райана Мерфи. Тизеры! :inlove Прям как будто смотрю Американскую Историю Ужасов.

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The Tudors, Harry Potter, The White Queen, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, The Great Gatsby, Merlin, The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, Hannibal, The Vampire Diaries, Revenge, The Mortal Instruments, Teen Wolf.


И вот еще. Дженнифер мне как-то безразлична, но пейринг был красивый *_*

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для Аллоры

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Стайлз и Лидия

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удивительно, но после третьего сезона я больше не шипплю этот пейринг.
мне они очень, очень нравятся. но пусть это будет бротп.

all I want is
and all I need is
to find somebody
i’ll find somebody like you [x]

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господи, как я хочу это АУ.

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a queen and her knight


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разве они не были мегапрекрасны? *_*

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Дженна Луиза Коулман как fem!Стайлз

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100% да

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all ladies meme с тумблера

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вы все сговорились

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быть рядом и жрать своё сердце, вы сказали?
чтобы падать вместе было не так жутко, вы сказали?
а кто-нибудь еще хочет что-нибудь добавить?

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pre season 1: derek hale leaves beacon hills with his sister after his girlfriend turned out to be a murderer and most of his family died in away he feels responsible for, leaving behind his crazy uncle

post season 3: derek hale leaves beacon hills with his sister after his girlfriend turned out to be a murderer and most of his family died in a way he feels responsible for, leaving behind his crazy uncle


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tenn wolf 3a финал

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— stiles and i both feel it. every day. just like you said we would. and it makes me think about that quote jennifer used to start her first class. ‘cause when i feel it, it’s like i’m looking into the heart of an immense darkness.
— so what do you do instead?
— i look for my friends.

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teen wolf отп. братья

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odeathly.tumblr.com 002

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Maybe you really did kill Julia that day, Kali.


I don’t think you’re the type.

Mrs. Reynolds (“Lady Lazarus” - Sylvia Plath)

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Семь свитков Ашуран