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Долго-долго смотрела на эту прекрасную женщину в Orange is the New Black.
Я теперь тоже темного цвета, может быть, завести такие очки? *____*
Хотя конечно. где Лора Препон, а где я))

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Orange is the New Black

what do you want
“The strength of [Orange is the New Black] isn’t that it’s universal and isn’t even that it’s women-specific, but that it tells the stories of the types of women who don’t get their stories told in our culture: black women, Hispanic women, fat women, butch women, bi women, old women, immigrant women, uneducated women – and even a trans woman’s story. When the season is done, you will be astonished at the vast range of women you’ve been exposed to and if you reflect on it, will probably be a little depressed that such stories are so rare in our culture.”
Tom & Lorenzo, "You Need to be Watching ‘Orange is the New Black’

@темы: Orange is the New Black

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