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Том и Лоренцо, авторы моего любимого сайта про наряды знаменитостей, написали про юбилей Доктора и Я ГОТОВА ПОДПИСАТЬСЯ ПОД КАЖДЫМ ИХ СЛОВОМ. Они заметили все те же моменты, как и я, заметили то, чего не заметила я, на вот этом: читать дальше я захлопала в ладоши)) Какие же гики они тоже))

Важный момент, про который я не подумала (и который противники Клары уже раскритиковали как могли:

Also loved the ways in which War and Ten both instantly accepted Clara. Any companion of a Doctor got to be one because she’s earned the right and neither of the other two men thought for a moment to question who she was or why she was there. We have to say, though, Moffat tends to make his companions The Most Important Companions, which gets to be a bit old after awhile. We accepted everything about her here, but felt that moment when she tearfully pleaded with her Doctor to find another way felt just a little unearned. We haven’t spent enough time with this character to really buy her as someone that influential on him. Then again, that’s the whole point of companions: to save the Doctor from himself. On that level, she was continuing a long tradition.


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