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so married

what do you want


взгляды Моры

"you're just too good to be true,
can't take my eyes off you."


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! ! !

what do you want
я всегда буду смотреть это шоу
как драму про любовь.
ничего не знаю.

Oh, you’re all I taste, at night inside of my mouth
Oh, you run away, cause I am not what you found
Oh, you’re in my veins, and I cannot get you out


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Риззоли и Айлс

what do you want
  • Maura knows Jane’s “tell” when not even Frost and Korsak know.
  • Angela suggested marriage counseling for Jane and Maura but straight up told Jane she doesn’t like what she’s doing with Casey.
  • Angela views Maura as a daughter already when she doesn’t even call Casey by his preferred name.
  • Jane feels safer and is only able to sleep when Maura is the one watching over her when psycho killers from her past are haunting her even when Maura had no self defense training or couldn’t even shoot a gun.
  • Jane would let Paddy or any other criminal kill someone that was after Maura.
  • Maura was the only one that could get Jane out of her apartment after she was shot. Not even Angela or Jane’s brothers could do it.
  • On screen, Jane and Maura have had more sleepovers than Jane and Casey have had sex.
  • Jane has killed to save and protect Maura.
  • Charles Hoyt was interested in going after couples and threatened to go after Jane and Maura together,
  • Maura has stared down Jane’s greatest demon and told him she wasn’t afraid of him even though she was aware of what he was capable of.
  • Maura and Jane have claimed to not like hugs but have constantly hugged each other.
  • Maura is the only person that can get Jane to stop drinking coffee for a day and eat kale.
  • Angela and Maura both have a key to Jane’s apartment but Jane only yells at Angela when they both use them for non-emergencies.
  • Jane is the only person that knows when Maura is uncomfortable just by the way she spews seemingly random facts. And she knows exactly what to do to make Maura feel comfortable again.
  • Jane’s mother lives in Maura’s guesthouse for free.
  • Jane has stood up to Constance and Hope on Maura’s behalf.
  • Paddy asked Jane to take care of Maura.
  • Jane told Tommy to put his hands where she could see them when he hugged Maura.
  • Jane has mentioned to Maura she gets a bikini wax and has a vibrator.
  • Maura has a guestroom we’ve seen Jane come out of Maura’s room after a sleepover.
  • When Cailin asked Maura if she could stay with her she said “I knew you guys would understand” which implies she assumed Jane would be at Maura’s house when she got there and that Jane would care why she needed to stay the need.
  • Jane threatened a cell full of inmates that she would kill them if they touched Maura again. Jane is a cop. Jane technically can’t do that.
  • When Paddy went on trial and Hope stopped by, Maura texted her about it but she didn’t tell her that she needed her. Jane went anyway.
  • When Jane was busy on a case, she sent Frankie to do some of the work claiming she was “really busy” but when Maura texted her from the Morgue that she needed her, Jane went immediately.
  • No one else was able to identify the replica of Jane’s bedroom when she was kidnapped but Maura.
  • Jane has revealed her deepest secrets to Maura (I.E. what she wanted to wear to her wedding) when she can’t even tell Casey she really loves her job.
  • Despite Maura alienating Jane from her life after she shot Paddy, Jane still wouldn’t leave her.
  • Jane listens to Maura.
  • After Dennis tried to kill her, Angela asked if there was anything she could do and Maura said no. But Jane brought her a cup of tea(?) and rubbed her thigh and made her laugh.
  • Maura lets Jane borrow her car and when Jane spills coffee all over it Maura pays for the damages herself.
  • Jane has beer at Maura’s house. She spends that much time there.
  • Jane wouldn’t let Maura play on her softball team so Maura got her own team and beat Jane then bought her beer as a consolation.
  • Maura has Jane doing yoga.
  • Jane went to Maura’s place of comfort in her office when she was having a bad day.
  • Jane called Maura over late at night after finding out about Casey’s surgery.
  • Without being told to, Maura went to wait for Jane on her steps and held her when she cried.
  • Maura drinks beer now.
  • Ever since Maura told Angela she’s used to being alone, she hasn’t been alone since. Either Jane or Angela both have been with her when she’s upset.
  • Maura is only able to lie for Jane.
  • Jane knows Maura’s tell. Which is when she shops.
  • Jane remembers being with Maura when she bought a dress three years ago.
  • Maura left a dying Frankie on her slab just to go after Marino when he took Jane.
  • Maura and Jane are willing to go to jail for each other.
  • Maura and Jane are willing to die for each other.



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all ladies meme с тумблера

what do you want

Риззоли и Айлс, reaction gifs

what do you want

еще доктора Айлс

what do you want

идеальная женщина, идеальная *_*

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Доктор Мора Айлс *________*

what do you want

убеждена, что это лушчий фем!Спок ever
они бы друг другу подошли
dark brown substance
you're walking encyclopedia

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