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What's your opinion on Faith? Why do you think she acted the way she did in s3?

Oh, dangerous question, I could write entire essays about Faith’s character and what motivated her actions.

I think Faith’s issues initially stemmed from the reception she received when arriving in Sunnydale. Faith has led a very solitary life; we know her mother was an alcoholic who paraded men through their home and possibly beat her daughter. I firmly believe (although it’s not canon) that Faith was also sexually abused as a child/teenager. She is used to living a life with no love, no affection and no real bonds. Her Watcher was probably the first person to show her kindness and the murder of her Watcher has deeply affected Faith. When she arrives in Sunnydale, she is searching for family. She wants to be close to Buffy, to Buffy’s friends and Buffy’s Watcher. She wants somewhere to belong, somewhere to call home.

Unfortunately Buffy’s attitude sets Faith back. She was not prepared for dislike or disdain. Faith assumed that being the Slayers would bond her and Buffy and she wanted Buffy’s love and approval more than she would admit. When she didn’t receive it she was deeply hurt and became bitter and jaded. As the season progresses and the Scoobies continually leave her out of the loop and refuse to include her, this hurt and bitterness grows, culminating in her attitude/apparent lack of remorse when she accidentally kills the Mayor’s assistance. Wes trying to lock her up like an animal is the final straw; she decides then and there that she cannot trust these people, will never be accepted by them and that she might as well not even try. So she goes to the Mayor, initially because she feels that being on the side of “good” is not getting her anywhere, so she might as well go to the other side. After all, if the “heroes” refuse to accept her, where else can she turn?

Ironically, the Mayor finally gives Faith what she has been craving her entire life - family. He accepts her for who she is and loves her for it. He becomes her father figure, someone who will genuinely love her and take care of her, someone with whom she doesn’t have to pretend and can entirely be herself (dark side and all). The more love the Mayor gives her, the more she turns on the Scoobies; in her mind they become the enemy, the ones to take down. She has been so deeply rejected by them that she has to think of them this way, as a release for her anger.

All this being said, none of what Faith went through is an excuse for what she did and the crimes she committed, both against the Scoobies and against civilians. It gives a reason for her actions but at the end of the day, Faith made a conscious choice to join the Mayor. She was not forced into this decision nor coerced, she freely chose to become “evil” and she spends the rest of her arc trying to find redemption for her past crimes.

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